Interviewed by Alan Dunn for Stimulus Respond

For the last issue of Stimulus > Respond Alan Dunn interviewed me about my performance practice and my relationship to language.


Workshop at Leeds Met

Added a new page there: TEACHING.

Students watching 56mins of Sue Tompkin's performance at TATE, on the first morning of the week.


It is nearly here...

The completed manuscript for my first book Mental Furniture is contained withing this plastic file.

The article you can see beneath the plastic is Brian Dillon's 2006 essay BANG What Can Photographs of Explosions Tell Us About the Nature of Photography. There will be no epigraph but if there was it would be taken from this essay.
Every photograph of an explosion ('of' is relative here: where or when does the thing really happen?) exists somewhere on the continuum between actuality and symbolism, the instant and its meaningful aftermath. It may be that we can only make sense of the wreckage, not the rupture.


Performing with Marcus Slease.

Marcus Slease and I performing at Camaradefest at the Richmix centre, London for the culmination of the first year of the Enemies poetry project.
Video from SJ Fowler.


I am one of SJ Fowler's Enemies.

A collaboration with Steven Fowler titled Videodrome in his new collection, Enemies published by Penned in The Margins October 2013.

Taking Youtube's call and rehash methodology for production, Videodrome collect the poetic responses of the authors as they alternately drift through the video archive, dredging up challenges for each to respond linguistically to.

Culture Laser's podcast of Camaradefest, presented by Ryan Van Winkle.

The Camaradefest was a unique one day explosion of dynamic collaboration in contemporary avant garde and literary poetics. 100 poets aligned in 50 pairs, each writing an original collaborative work, written specifically for the festival and premiered on the day. We feature 4 of the pairs - Marcus Slease & Claire Potter, Stephen Watts & Will Rowe, Julia Bird & Sarah Hesketh, Ghazal Mosadeq & Ricardo Marques - and discuss the thinking behind the process with SJ Fowler. http://www.weareenemies.com/camaradefest.html This episode includes electro-acoustic collaborative works from the EP 'Eye' from Bark Torch.